In Shadowless, every single XP the user earns converts into something called Soulpower, which is exactly what it sounds like - the character's overall power in-game. Unused Soulpower can be channeled into the Dynamic Skill Atlas in Shadowless. The Dynamic Skill Atlas is a vast array of unlockable skills, buffs, stat boosts, and more; separated into four levels: a base level which holds generic passive abilities and base stat boosts and buffs, a class-specific level for unlocking class skills; an Aerial level which unlocks Aerial combat skills, and a God-Mode level which contains much more powerful skills. 


The user has the option to sync a heart-rate monitor band with Shadowless. This band reads the user's heart rate, and, based on increases and decreases, converts to how confident the real player is. This is then used to adjust the statistics of the character in-game, both positively and negatively, depending on if the character's class thrives off fear, or flourishes from tranquility. Consistently playing the character to its strengths, will result in a Revolution - which provides an enormous gain in stats for a temporary period of time.


Shadowless will be an open world game, using Unreal Engine’s World Composition feature. There will be three overarching worlds: Nimbus,  a floating city in the sky and also the City of the Gods; Aerhart, the larger than life world of the Winged Guardians, filled with many foes; and Altaire, the world of the mortals. In all worlds, as the player levels, they will unlock many different dungeons, which can be played solo, or in groups of 3-5.


When the player first starts the game progression, there will be a main storyline to be followed, which chronicles the disappearance of the goddess Altaira, who was the Guardian of Altaire. After completion of the main storyline, the player will become a Guardian and earn their wings. This unlocks the Aerial Level of the Dynamic Skill Atlas, where the player will learn in-air combat skills. Eventually, the player will be presented with a quest progression that will end with them becoming a Minor God. From here, the player can continue leveling through the God Ranks, because in Shadowless, there is no maximum level. The only limit is how far you think you can go.


Upon entering the world of Aerhart and becoming a Winged Guardian, Players will be faced with a choice:

Power to the Grines?

Or ...

Glory to the Jaegers?


The Grines and the Jaegers are the two factions in Shadowless, and they have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. These factions will be the base for Shadowless' unique guild system - Squadrons. Shadowless plans to offer a vibrant PVP atmosphere, spanning from massive Squadron Battles to 1v1 Arena-style play, to small group matches.


  • Physical Appearance: Medium height, slender & lean body build
  • Weaknesses: Strength, Tenacity
  • Strengths: Agility, Speed
  • Signature Aerial Stunt: Grine Aerial Dive - Like a real-life Peregrine, the Grine Aerial Dive attains immense speed on descent and is the fastest flying speed known to the world. It can be hard to control, but upon mastery, delivers a swift and powerful impact.


  • Physical Appearance: A head taller in height than the Grines, muscular body build
  • Weaknesses: Agility, Speed
  • Strengths: Strength, Tenacity
  • Signature Aerial Stunt: Jaeger Screwdriver - This stunt is envied by the Grines. The Jaeger Screwdriver is a slower dive, but gains speed over descent. Therefore, as the height of the dive increases, so does the power. The Jaegers' dive was named the Screwdriver because mid-dive, the Jaegers will tuck their wings in and rotate around their own axis, providing even more damage on impact. 
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